An Actual Devlog

Holy hairballs on a stick, it’s happening! Now that I’m spending a substantial amount of time and work on project Altarune again I finally bit the bullet and set up a proper(ish) development blog. Is it quick and dirty? Sure. Will it win any beauty prices? Hell no! Will it allow me to quickly keep everyone up to date and provide some more behind-the-scenes info? You bet your sweet little ass it does!

Devlogs have always been hard for me because they tend to feel like wasted time; time that could be better spent adding new features or polishing the UI. But I also understand it’s important to keep everyone informed and provide an easy-to-read archive of the development progress.

I’m not gonna make any promises as to the quantity of the posts. I will aim for at least one every two weeks give or take, but this will obviously vary depending on what I’m working on and yada-yada, you know how it goes. Seriously though, I’m gonna make a genuine effort, and I hope you’ll all join me on this journey!

-Tomato out!