The short of it

Altarune is an adult harem-building adventure and training game currently in development. The game centers around Rae, a human dungeoneer who finds himself with too much busywork on his hands. When he meets Nekome, a mysterious Nekomimi girl, he decides to start a guild and take on quests.

Along the way Rae will be meeting various girls to add to his harem, who can be interacted with and trained in various ways.

The long of it

Altarune has three main game modes: Dungeoneering, HQ Building and Training.

Dungeoneering is an adventure mode reminiscent of typical action RPGs. Heavily inspired by EasyGameStation’s Recettear, this mode features procedurally generated dungeons for you to explore in a top-down view. These dungeons feature various enemies, treasures and hidden areas. Some enemy encounters may escalate into more involved action sequences that can influence the defending girl’s tastes and personality.

HQ Building is exactly what it sounds like – a base-building mode where you can fully customize your guild’s HQ. You can add furniture and decorate the place using a grid-based approach. All furniture will be functional where possible; You will be able to seat your harem members on chairs or couches, lie them down on beds, or make them play with whatever entertainment you provide them with.

Training mode is where you interact with your harem members in a close-up view. You are able to talk to them, praise or discipline them, dress or undress them and partake in various acts of play, training and sex. Like the special enemy encounters, actions taken here will greatly affect how the subject feels about you, herself, and various types of toys and sex.

While Altarune is very much a hentai game, production will be approached from a “game first” development standpoint. The first and foremost goal of this project is to create an entertaining and high-quality game with solid mechanics. Rather than trying to force a sexual angle onto every single encounter the game will instead use erotic elements where they fit and make a reasonable amount of sense.